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Whatsapp App: Seems that you are looking for a working apk file of whatsapp, then you came at the right place because we are providing the working application that can run on your Android phone.

Whatsapp Apk

Whatsapp Apk Review

Whatsapp is basically is a messenger because it’s widely used to send and receive the messages and we can make the text conservation with maximum people through this application. The developer has turned it to an advanced level because the developer extended the feature of the application and now we have almost countless feature of the application.

Whatsapp Free download For Android

As I told you that it might have countless feature now because it’s one of the popular messenger using all around the world. There are Billions of downloads of this application on Google Play store, we have many alternative messenger, but this messenger is used by the high-level people as well.

Ratings 4.3/5
Downloads 5B+
Developers WhatsApp Inc
Launch Date 2009
Type Freeware

The above mentioned details are taken from Google Play Store and this is very accurate data so, the popularity of the application can be measured by the total downloads of the file and they are very few application which have over Billions download, but it has over 5 Billion downloads so, we can imagine how much the developing team worked hard to facilitate us.

 Whatsapp Feature

  • You can send and receive text messages
  • Send and receive different emoji and gifs files
  • Send and receive voice recording and pictures
  • You can make audio and video calls with low internet speed
  • Update daily stories of your life
  • It can be useful for the group work since it provides the creation of groups
  • You can send website links without any interruption

 Whatsapp For Windows Download

It’s widely used for the windows operating system and can be run on almost every operating system of Microsoft Windows.


The application is available to use on Windows Xp, 7, 8 and Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit without any kind of error. The developer has introduced windows application because sometimes, it’s very difficult to write messages on mobile so, that’s easy to write on laptop keyboard.

How To Install Whatsapp On Windows/PC

This is very simple to install it on windows since it’s freeware software so, don’t need to make an extra effort to install the application.

Download the application from here and then just open the setup file and install the setup easily and after that you just have to provide scan QR code, then you are accessed to your account.

Whatsapp For Chrome

This application is also available on Chrome store and all what you have to install the chrome extension to run it on Chrome browser.

Whatsapp For Opera

This application is available on Opera as a default app because when you install Opera, then you will get this application installed there so, it’s available for the opera browser as well and you don’t even need to install any kinda extension on opera.

Whatsapp For IPad Download

This application is also available for Apple lovers and you can install this on your IPad and IPhone and the installation steps are very easy and I don’t think that you need to make any extra ordinary effort to install on apple devices.


If you find any bug during its use, then Developer team is available 24 hours to address your issues and solve your queries so, if you find any bug or error, then just let them know in no time.

Whatsapp for Mac Download

Mac operating system is also invented by the Apple so, it’s similar to the PC operating system so, this can be used as a PC version of Apple Inc.


This application is available for the MAC operating system and there is no any difficult science to install the application on MAC operating system.

How To Install Whatsapp On Mac

  1. First download the file from the above green download button
  2. when the file is downloaded on your MAC, then open the application
  3. and follow the instructions appear on the screen
  4. then just open the application and enjoy it

Whatsapp For Linux Download

This application is indirectly available for the linux operating system because the web version is available for this operating system as we mentioned this web version for the Microsoft Windows above as well so, Desktop client version can be used for the Linux operating system.


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