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Live NetTV file: seems that you are looking for the Live NetTv application so, we are pleased to tell that you are on the right spot.

Live NetTV Review

Live NetTv is a free streaming application and it’s widely used to stream different TV channels all across the world. There are the multiple advantages of the application because it can be used to watch the Movies and cartoon.

Live NetTV APk Free Download

The application is categorized in different options, you can use it according to your need and let me you give you an example suppose, if you want to watch the Cricket match so, you can open the Sports category and then sub-category which is Cricket Channels.

Ratings 4.5/5
Download 1M+
Developer Not Available
Release Date 2018
Type Freeware


If the LED TV is operating the android, then put it on Flash device and install it on LED TV because it’s very interesting to tell that you can run this application on your LED TV if android system is supportable.

Live NetTV APK

This is very interesting application to explorer because it contains almost every kind of TV channels of all the countries and the channels have been divided by country’s name as well suppose, If I belong to Pakistan so, I can watch all the Pakistani channels at a single place.

Live NetTV Features

  • It’s used to stream TV channels across the world
  • It’s used to stream the events like sports events
  • The channels of most of the countries are available
  • There is 9 variety of channels which including News, Movies, Sports and many more
  • VOD option exists there to watch the movies like Hollywood, Bollywood and many more
  • Some blocked channels are also available on this app
  • The streaming is available in Ultra HD quality

Live NetTV Download for Windows/PC

This is the question of most of the people because people are using it on their android phones, but is it available for the PC version or not ? The answer is that it’s not directly available for the PC, but indirectly yes becavaause you can use the third party PC application to run the android file through Bluestacks.

How To Install Live NetTV On Windows

This is a bit complicated since the setup file is not available for the PC so, we are going to install it through a medium.

  1. Download the file from the green button
  2. Download and install blue stacks application on PC
  3. Open Blue Stacks and click on install APK
  4. Select the file and click on OK
  5. The application may avail able on Home screen of Blue Stacks
  6. Open the application and enjoy the channels’s services on your PC

Live NetTV For Chrome

Sorry to say but this application is not available for the chrome users because most of the applications are available on Chrome store, but we are still looking for this chrome extension.

Live NetTV For IPad Download

These devices both IPad and IPhone belong to Apple Inc and the developer has not share it for these devices so, you can’t enjoy it on your IPad since the service is not available for these devices.

Live NetTV For Mac Download

The availability of the application is limited like for the PC version ad you know that we recently discussed this thing that you can access the streaming only by using BlueStacks app player and that’s good thing about the developer of the Bluestacks that this player is also available for the MAC operating system as well.

How To Install Live NetTV On MAC

  1. Click on above green download button
  2. Make sure that you have installed Bluestacks
  3. Open bluestacks player and click on install apk
  4. Select the app and click on OK
  5. wait few moments and enjoy the awesome streaming

Live NetTV for Linux Download

It’s having the same issue that you can run it through a medium like Bluestacks so, the availability is not available for this application as well so, all what you have to do is to find a source that accepts and play android application.

If you find any bug on this application, then let us know or make the report the publisher of the application so, they will fix out the bug.

We are working hard to provide you 100% working application for your android system so, please keep support us and check out our recently uploaded article.

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